About Shiksha Sankalp

“Shiksha Sankalp” in Sanskrit means “Resolve for Education”.  As the name itself indicates, Shiksha Sankalp is an effort to ensure that every under-privileged child in India achieves age-appropriate level of academic knowledge and skills.

At Shiksha Sankalp, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the complex barriers that prevent poor families in developing countries from obtaining effective school education for their children. We understand why nearly half of primary school students in India are unable to read a simple grade-2 text. And why two of every three children in India drop-out of school by middle grades. We find that the inability of poor students to learn has its roots much beyond the quality of education at school. It stems largely from the socio-economic condition of their families. School education is a losing proposition for poor families and it does not make economic sense for poor families to invest time, effort and money into the education of their children.

The challenge of universal and effective school education is important, complex and urgent. At Shiksha Sankalp we know what it would take to spread effective education to millions of poor children within a short period of time.

To meet the challenge of universal education in India, Shiksha Sankalp Foundation (SSF) has been set-up as a Trust. The foundation has received exemption from taxes under sections 12A and 80G of the Income Tax Act. Further, it has also obtained FCRA prior permission for receiving donor funds from abroad.

In the USA, Shiksha Sankalp Incorporated (SSI) has been set-up as a nonprofit public benefit corporation registered with the office of Secretary of State of the state of California. It has been approved for exemption from tax in the United States under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The mandate of SSI is to promote school education in all developing countries, though initially it is focused on India where it coordinates efforts with SSF.