Vision, Mission and Values

Shiksha Sankalp's vision is that every economically underprivileged child in the world attains school education by 2050.

Mission Statement

To provide outcome based assistance to economically weak families based on demonstrated academic performance of their school-going children, by leveraging support from donors all over the world, based on trust emanating from high degree of transparency and accountability, with the ultimate aim of alleviating poverty and achieving universal education within the foreseeable future.

Core Values

Shiksha Sankalp's three core values are Trust, Transparency and Accountability, as defined below:

1. Trust: Shiksha Sankalp would strive to earn the trust of all stakeholders including beneficiaries, donors, volunteers, employees and the society at large, as a core value guiding all its policies and efforts.

2. Transparency: Shiksha Sankalp would adhere to highest standards of transparency by allowing access to all relevant information to stakeholders including beneficiaries, donors, volunteers, employees and society at large.

3. Accountability: Shiksha Sankalp would build accountability in all aspects of its functioning, including selection of project modules, verification of beneficiary eligibility, evaluation of learning achievement, monitoring of performance at school, and transfer of incentive amount from donors to beneficiaries.