Research Papers
Mexico Opportunidades Program: Summary Case Study File : Mexico-oportunidades_Summary.pdf
Oportunidades (originally Progressa) is the principal anti-poverty program in Mexico. It helps poor families invest in human capital - improving the education, health, and nutrition of their children - leading to long-term improvement of their economic future. Cash transfers linked to regular school attendance and health clinic visits also help alleviate current poverty.
ADB Report on Effectiveness of CCTs in Poverty Alleviation File : ADBreport.pdf
This paper by the Asian Development Bank discusses the rationale behind CCTs and assesses its effectiveness as a tool for poverty alleviation.
Reverse Gender Gap in Bangladesh File : Asadullah_Chaudhury_Reverse_Gender_Gap_in_Bangladesh.pdf
The paper documents evidence of the recent phenomenon of reverse gender gap in secondary schooling outcomes in Bangladesh and the role of a nationwide CCT initiative called Female Secondary Stipend Programme in this phenomenon.
Conditional Cash Transfer Schemes for Alleviating Human Poverty: Relevance for India File : UNDP_report_on_CCTs_in_India.pdf
This UNDP publication from April 2009 examines the prospects of introducing Conditional Cash Transfers (CCTs) in India. CCTs have been effective in improving enrollment and attendance in many other countries. However, they have usually failed to substantially impact learning outcomes. The report also brings out other aspects of implementing CCT programs in India.