Shiksha Goshthi for Early Learning Program

April 1, 2016
Rahul Duneja interacts with parents of ELP students

Shiksha Sankalp is launching a new program from today called “Early Learning Program (ELP)”. This program is aimed at providing a strong learning foundation to slum children going to school for the first time in grade-1. Without a strong foundation in basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills, most of these students would not be able to properly absorb further learning at school. Therefore, the ELP program is designed to catching-them-young and provide intensive teaching of basic literacy skills. After a thorough search, Shiksha Sankalp has empaneled tutors from the local area to teach grade-1 students. Students registered under the ELP have enrolled with any one of the empaneled tutors. Empaneled tutors would follow the following guidelines from Shiksha Sankalp: 1. Tuition classes five days a week for at least 90 minutes per day. 2. At least 75% attendance at tuition classes. 3. A separate tuition notebook. 4. Regular homework and its review next day by tutors. 5. Tests by tutors at regular intervals. 6. Regular interaction between parents and tutors. 7. Tuition notebook would record classwork, homework, attendance, parent-tutor interaction, class tests, and fee payment. 8. Periodic Shiksha Goshthis (Education Seminars) with tutors and parents to discuss learning experience. 9. Periodic review of tuition note book by Shiksha Sankalp. 10. Standardized Academic Performance (SAP) Test by Shiksha Sankalp to assess learning achievement. Similarly, Shiksha Sankalp has also issued guidelines for parents. These include: 1. Sending the child to tuition class on a regular basis. 2. Minimum monthly attendance of 75%. 3. Inspecting the work done in school and at tuition class. 4. Getting the homework done regularly. 5. Interacting with the tutors at regular intervals. 6. Preparing the child for tests, whenever scheduled. The students would receive a monthly stipend from Shiksha Sankalp and would have to pay a monthly fees to the Tuition Center. The tuition centers as well as the parents (and the children) have to follow the respective guidelines to continue to be a part of the ELP. We are now looking forward to some exciting results in the months to come.